Everybody loves ice cream…Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream has had a few outstanding reviews that we are very proud of. Elle Decor magazine wrote in their Summer Scoops article,”10 Standout ice cream shops in some of the country’s top vacation spots.” “This quaint ice cream shop on the northern tip of Cape Cod offers up 28 flavors at any time—all made daily, including Crystalized Ginger and Mudslide Chip, an adult favorite made with vodka, Kahlua, Baileys, and chocolate chips.”  We are also talked about in the Cape Cod travel Magazine, where they suggest that you should, “stop by Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream, where frozen confections are made fresh in-store daily, for a cone full of sweet satisfaction.” We would like to thank those who have written about us, we appreciate all the wonderful reviews and thank you for spreading the word about our homemade ice cream.

Written in the Provincetown Banner

By Terrence Doyle


There are few things more nostalgic than the melodic ring-ring of an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. The promise of icy treats, of a cooling refuge from a sweltering afternoon, is a childhood tradition that produces fond memories for most people.

The Lewis Brothers intend to bring that tradition back to the Cape this summer via a customized truck pedaling their own homemade flavors.

The Lewis Brothers, who’ve got a shop in the center of Provincetown, have received permission from the towns of Truro and Eastham to sell ice cream at beaches. They also intend to cater to the Cape’s myriad festivals and events throughout the summer.

Owner Dave Lewis said he hopes to be a part of this year’s OysterFest and Truro’s annual agricultural fair.

The truck, which the Lewis Brothers bought this winter, has been customized and fitted with solar panels. Dave Lewis called it an off-the-grid solar system, completely self-sustainable.

A reliable power source is essential, explained Lewis, because the truck will store prepared foods, meaning that the foods will be prepared on-site as opposed to being pre-packaged. Therefore, a fresh water source, freezer, and heat source are of paramount importance.

Lewis said they wanted to avoid using a generator as a power source because it’s a “dirty” energy source.

“Our engine goes off, and we get all the power we need,” he said. “This is as much about educating everyone that solar energy can work.”

Along with their traditional swath of flavors, the Lewis Brothers truck will also offer specialties like smoothies, hot fudge sundaes made with their own homemade hot fudge, and a variety of floats.

So, when you’re out catching some sun this summer, listen for the bell and look for the Lewis Brothers truck for some cool, tasty treats.

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Channel 7 News

WOODS HOLE, Mass. (WHDH) — The extreme heat had some people making a Cape escape, heading to the beaches on Cape Cod to soak up the sun.

Some people beat the heat by diving right in — some, by eating it all up.

“Absolutely delicious,” said a woman eating ice cream.

In Eastham, there was a green-friendly ice cream truck equipped with solar panels on the roof. While rechargeable batteries run the ice cream freezers, solar panels make the sinks work and the hot fudge hot.

“We had to make a decision on how to power the truck and no one wants to hear a generator at the beach, so…we’d rather play reggae,” said Dave Lewis, Lewis Brothers Ice Cream.

Dave Lewis admitted using solar is a bit pricey.

“The initial investment for solar is more up front. But in the long run, it will pay for itself,” Lewis said.

It was slow going getting down Route 3 to the Sagamore Bridge, including those who made the trek all the way from New Hampshire.

The inviting scene at First Encounter Beach in Wareham was worth it.

“Yesterday it was 104 in Derry. Today they said high of 96,” Angela Carson, from New Hampshire.

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“On todays CapeCast: Sun has long been the enemy of ice cream, melting and dripping away deliciousness–but a new Outer Cape ice cream truck has harnessed the power of King Sol!”